UWP Binding vs. X:Bind part B

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

x:Bind with methods & events Back to the start, Xbind allow us to directly binding Events to Functions which is awesome, it just downgrade the Command pattern , Binding of course just can’t . there is no restriction about binding to method, you can bind with arguments, to return value etc. & of course the default EventHandler signature with default parameter or without. For example: <VariableSizedWrapGrid>    <Button Content="click to void method" Click="{x:Bind Foo, Mode=OneWay}" />    <Button Content="double method with args" Width="{x:Bind Foo2(100),Mode=OneWay}"/>    <Button Content="sting method" ToolTipService.ToolTip="{x:Bind Foo3(),Mode=OneWay}" />    <Button Content="Event pointer enterd method" PointerEntered="{x:Bind Foo4}" /> </VariableSizedWrapGrid> private void Foo() { } ...
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UWP Binding vs. X:Bind part A

Monday, December 4, 2017

WPF most thrilling was probably the Binding concept, its now kind of standard in many other client frameworks (like Angular ??) Anyway like every other good thing its came with a price, like worse performance and severe debugging. In UWP Microsoft announc X:Bind –the new Binding concept who works in parallel path to old Binding concept, and supposed to leverage the performance, the Debugging, and to simplify things. However, a lots has changed from Binding to x:Bind. In this post I will facing off those two tremendous technics by syntax, concepts, performance, debugging , features, and whatever I can provide you. Behind the hood. As...
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