Out Of Memory Exception Simulation and Profiling

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

,If that was happened to you, mining you are in deep problem ?But, my point is different. what if it came from no were and not a clue why The biggest problem is that sometime when the exception is deep, you just cannot debug your .app anymore So maybe if we could get information a second before this exception , something like => " hey "...dude watch out ! its about memory ending :That leading to next idea public static void ProccesProfiler() { Timer timer = new Timer(); ...
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T for DelegateCommand is not an object nor Nullable Exception

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prism Provide ICommand implementation called DelegateCommand, As the other Markets Commands one version is the DelageteCommand<T> Supporting Target function with Parameters, The problem is when doing something like this: DelegateCommand<int> test;   //ctor public Object { ...
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Can only change SelectedItems collection in multiple selection modes Exception

Saturday, July 20, 2013

 the full Error syntax is:Can only change SelectedItems collection in multiple selection modes. Use SelectedItem in single select modes and that came from InvalidOperationException, Well, its is not exactly e Bug, more likely a WPF Bug, it quite rare but still Exist. In my case it shown in DataGrid (e.g. in DataGrid there is no multipleSelection Mode at all ! it called Extended..) yet, when it happens? In dataGrid we can use AutoGenerateColumns either true or false, in both cases we can add an Extra column which called DataGrid.RowHeaderStyle mostly for showing some extra value that not include...
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The type initializer for ‘System.Windows.Application’ threw an exception

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

this kind of ugly exception throws in case you working on your App.config file,the point is you cannot dealing with it because no one or thing pointing you to the problem reason. Not even Resharper or other tools as I know.Well there are two ways to work with config file correctly, at least if you are not use to work with,The first is just recompile after every change you just did..But in most of time it just happened on the way and we need way to find quickly whats wrong.The fastest way is mark section after section in your...
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