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23 בMay 2017

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Hello friends, this session is about FROM WPF TO UWP,

In briefly-

As for Desktop applications, for the last 10 years WPF was (and still?) the best solution for windows OS. Now it is complicated, WPF is not the main player now, even that is far away from being deprecated. UWP of Win10 is the recommended platform for client side, in this session we will cover the abilities and compare those two technologies aspects from Performance to development time, via dev concept’s, patterns, devices, and more.

We will try to answer the Big question of is it possible to migrate code from old WPF platform to new UWP platform.

For a WPF developers it will be opportunity to facing the challenges while joining to UWP community.

You can follow the presentation and the code demos.!At3L9bJUrel7gtk89oab54oayEqhqg

Thank you for being there

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