MVVM View first VS. ViewModel first

25 בJanuary 2016

Since early times UI developers has merchandise with the purpose of MVVM It is hard to judge what is better way to develop with,  in this post I will try to demonstrate they both,  and compare a little but definitely not to have a statement of what is right, -  The term of ViewModel evolution 1: Is it a Model translation for presentation layer, So when we writing this ViewModel class we actually relay either on a real model like  a physical entity or virtual one like other class  -  The term of ViewModel evolution 2: In MVVM CodeBehind is prohibited, there for every reaction for...
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#Create an HTML doc from C

14 בJanuary 2016

Sometimes on server side we need to draw some reports to our domain folder, If we already inside dotnet area  we can simplify the process with simple dotnet framework. Using HtmlTextWriter can do the work and very easily , just assume that you know something or two about html, and the hierarchical structure of it,  than  you can continue from this struct to develop any webpage you need, start html tag , header body etc, of course can insert any css or js references, Just do not forget to close any opened tags, so as a demo : private static string lines...
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