Dependency Property Default Value for Int -Stupid BUG

20 בJune 2015

Just sharing piece of thinking. In General, ask any programmer around you about the default value of type int. Or simply assign your variable by The most sophisticated way of DotNet.. Int I = default(int); Well, moving on to Dependency Property definition its required from the programmer to declare on default value for instantiation, In case of int it will be something like : public int MyProperty { get { return (int)GetValue(MyPropertyProperty); } set { SetValue(MyPropertyProperty, value); } ...
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AutomationID in CustomControl based string format

3 בJune 2015

This common question coming up from time to time in a variety of variations, Today when automation testing is a standard , and we have a resource control in a custom library or in userControl library which use in several cases and by different locations in the same App. Well, if you writing a pay per use control of course you need a professional solution like exposing a dependency property per unit But for a quick solution or adding solution for third party control without the necessary supports you can try this one, as an example have a look on BlogPost i have been...
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