ADV. XAML programing part 1 – Tag Element for Binding tricks

17 בMarch 2015

.Really a powerful and cool feature ..You have a native control, like button, textElement, dataGrid etc Now you like to implement something like decorator pattern to use on the control. You can "Tag" your ..control Meaning, use the property Tag to extend your control and than stick on it an additional properties .from other class Meaning , every Xaml Object has a Datacontext Property, which can be used for DataBinding , we can also trying to invoke things by relative binding technics, but sometimes its not enough, so Tag .property could be a fantastic solution ,The Tag property is part of FrameworkElement class and is from type...
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Async Await in Windows apps for beginners

4 בMarch 2015

In basically asynchronous programming may be required a long study, since we running on a single . UI thread, however we can start with small demo of mining data and live update .Think about list of items and notification from the server ,Now, if we used regular function the view get freeze until the function return .But with asynchronous pattern we can continue while the background task is running :For this demo lets use this xaml <Window x:Class="AsyncAwaitDemoOnWPF.MainWindow" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525"> ...
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