Zoom Image Control-Part 2

23 בFebruary 2015

Now lets try to develop something  more professional, meaning in Control oriented way. So it will be something like this: First describe the Control main Logic, have a Content Prop where the user can bind its Object to .zoom it, have an internal Slider which measuring and rendering this content :So use this class public class SimpleZoomControl : ContentControl { static SimpleZoomControl() { DefaultStyleKeyProperty.OverrideMetadata(typeof(SimpleZoomControl), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(typeof(SimpleZoomControl))); } public UIElement ZoomContent ...
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Zoom Image Control Part 1

13 בFebruary 2015

I had to provide my client images zoom control . I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and to share with you the development path. Round tiresome in the network brought me a number of examples , some of which were not accurate at all and some with crazy code snippets included . So as is usually found it is more convenient for me to write from scratch and simplify matters .than embed code alien and confused This is to remind that the development environment Win8 (Win -RT ), including the type of .Control that but not Windows 7 or less .We should first...
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