C# Serialization Guide Part 10 – Linq To Xml

24 בJune 2014

Linq To XML is usually not including at the serialization Market. But the simple API will prove that .there is no reason for it :Under System.Xml.Linq you will have a few goodies as ,XDocument that represents the Doc itself ,XElement that represents any element on the tree .Xattribute that represents inner Attribute of any XElement .XDeclaration for haders. .and more. :So our serialization Contract is : public interface ISerializeService { bool write(object data, Type type, string path); object read(string path, Type t); } :And a simple Data to test...
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WPF Sort Custom Grid Columns – The Shortest Way

20 בJune 2014

Have a look on the follow screenshot :This is the results of this Model: public interface IEntity { string Name { get; set; } int Id { get; set; } bool IsInUsed { get; set; } } :And this ViewModel public class MainViewViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged { public MainViewViewModel() { ...
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WPF Behaviors real demo part 3

15 בJune 2014

.In this section on small but powerful Behavior usage .Assume that from any reason your object model contained a nullable of bool Now its became quite complex, since in your UI code you are probably doing something like :that <CheckBox IsChecked="{Binding Filter}" :But the field Filter in your ViewModel is like this public bool? Filter { get; set; } This make the Checked Event on the CheckBox first rise and set it as not null, than the next click .will...
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WPF Validation – simple IdataErrorInfo implementation

11 בJune 2014

.A short but simple demo to implement the built in Validation of WPF using MVVM.You need reference to System.ComponentModel.It is probably already in used since INotifyPropertyChanged is part of iton your Model Class implement the IDataErrorInfo Interface:now, assume that the model structure is thispublic class Entity : INotifyPropertyChanged, IDataErrorInfo { private string m_name; private int m_id; public string Name { get ...
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C# Serialization Guide Part 9 – Encryption

9 בJune 2014

.Encryption of serialized files is important thing ,Using file transportation could expose our data to unauthorized customers Encryption as a subject is out of the scope here , yet we can try encrypt some file using simple .Binary serialization because binary is obviously the simplest way for scrambling ,It is based on binary file with different indexes, again the encryption algorithm is not the issue .so assume you already has an algorithm, or like in my demo a simple SymmetricAlgorithm Back to our demo, in former posts in my serialization series, I used to base the read and write ,on some base serialization Contract .So here it...
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2 WPF Theme (skin) Service Pattern Part

1 בJune 2014

אחרי שבפוסט הקודם הדגמנו איך בנינו לבד מנגנון פשוט להחלפת צבע לאפליקציה שלנו ננסה עכשיו לבחון עוד שיטות. עם דגש על אוריינטציה מיקרוסופטית הפתרון מתחיל בזה שנכתוב את העיצובים שלהו בתוך resource-dictionary ואז נייצא אותו לאסמבלי נפרד. למה? כי אסמבלי נטען להוסיף לכל פרוייקט בכל מצב. נפתח פרוייקט מסוג WPF. (ניתן כמובן לפתוח סתם DLL, אבל אז נחסר את כל הספריות של הUI. יותר קצר למחוק את החלון ) נוסיף לו ResourceDictionary עבור חבילת הסטיילים המבוקשת. וקלאס ריק עם אותו השם. (הסברים מיייד) כמובן נדרשת השקעה לא מעטה לעצב באמת את התכולה של קוד הxaml. את הדוגמא שלנו נבנה עבור חלון פשוט שבו כפתור וצורה אליפטית. עכשיו צריך...
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