WPF Behavior real demo Part 2

31 בMarch 2014

.In this demo we demonstrate a Contextmenu Control and its DataContext Property attached ,Context-menu itself is quit problematic control with allot of connectivity troubles I am not gonna digging here on it, but you can read a small demo in my previous Post In Shortly, it is kind of problem to manage the Contextmenu DataContext and especially by the right way, I have saw a few solutions around the Web but unfortunately I cant support those .suggestions, and I think that many of them isn’t tested before This behavior will attached to any control you gave a Contextmenu, and its purpose is quite ,simple, to...
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Customize WPF Contextmenu using MVVM

28 בMarch 2014

,Context Menu is if To say the least not so user friendly Well, the problem I will present here its because a special case in my application, but also could be relevant for customize ContextMenu or Control on its creation time or handle it in variety of .cases To be concrete we are hosting an 3 party Control and it is of Winform type, well all of it non so relevant except the point that is kind of blowing the UI Event Handled like KeyDown mouseEnter etc. well, after we hosting this control I where needed to add it some contextMenu...
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How represents Enum Value in Radio Button Group and bind it

19 בMarch 2014

.In many cases we have some Enum represents some values ,Now, the Gui shows a few radio Buttons for connection to those Enum values Generally we are using some Combobox for scenario like this but now assume that you are in .order to implement the UI using Radiobuttons group ,So The first way is to bind any of your Radiobuttons to a Boolean value and sync your Model with .some transform function The problem with that way that is even if it works fine and not so complicated I had some bad ,feelings about it, and not to mention case of many Enum values So second way could...
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How to Close a Non-Modal PopUp When clicking outside

11 בMarch 2014

This time it is not even a Post only a tip but Very strong one ! in large application we have many windows, or userControls, but in commonly we allays has a main window, which is perfect to our ambitious, -clicking wherever outside will close it- in some magic way the follow event not getting called inside the popup itself , since he block the event, and not a part of the main window, but userControls inside the MainView are well part of .the main window .So the popup is not a Modal, Yet his well closing behavior made it an Half-Modal Window :Try...
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WPF Text Trimmer Converter

5 בMarch 2014

Sometimes our bindable collection values is a complex mix of Data or some values from database, the point is that the names are not so user friendly :Like ..M_data1 , M_data2 etc Or x432Person , x433Person , x434Person , it could also be a result of Enum Binding .As a conclusion of all of it we can show in our UI a Normalize Data in several methods ,We can use xaml Abilities like DisplayMemberPath , we can implement ToString Well those two options not always relevant, yet we can refactoring a collection in our ViewModel .to kind of String-Collection which is a copy of the real...
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