From Manual to Automated QA

יום שני, מרץ 5, 2012

Here is (and also below) a short lecture (In Hebrew) I gave during the Agile Practitioners 2012 conference. The lecture summarizes the lessons we learned at PicScout (also here) while introducing more and more automation to our QA team.
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Tenth Software Craftsmanship In Israel Meeting

יום חמישי, פברואר 2, 2012

On our tenth Software Craftsmanship meeting I was very excited to host Corey Haines. Corey flew to Israel on Tuesday just to conduct 2 code retreats on Wednesday and Thursday so obviously he was a bit tired when we gathered for the meeting. Corey gave a short talk, concentrating on reminding us what is the value for the business that we should provide. Here it is: After the talk we broke into pairs in order to hand interpreter a Piet language. Piet is a stack based language whose programs are bitmaps that look like an abstract art. In our exercise we needed...
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Software Craftsmanship and Apprenticeship Patterns with Ade Oshineye

יום חמישי, נובמבר 17, 2011

During the Google Developer Day in Israel I met Ade Oshineye the co-author of the Apprenticeship Patterns for an informal talk on his book. Unfortunately, my battery didn't allow me to record a longer session, but we did cover among others what is Software Craftsmanship, how Ade and Dave started to write the book and whether we can define mastership patterns... In addition, after the recording we had a great time in continuing the discussion on various topics that deserve their own blog post. You can view the short video here:
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Fostering Software Craftsmansip (or How to Build Successful Teams) – Hebrew

יום שישי, אוקטובר 21, 2011

Last month I presented a short lecture about Fostering Software Craftsmanship (or How to Build Successful Teams) to one of the top notch technological units in IDF. The lecture is a hybrid of management and engineering skills. It focuses on the dissonance between the needed software engineering skills in the industry and what happens in the reality. The main idea in the talk is that using Software Craftsmanship principles as individuals and as TEAMs makes it possible to create high quality groups that produce great products. The lecture is in Hebrew and I hope that you will find it interesting...
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Cloud "Aware" Architecture

יום חמישי, מרץ 31, 2011

Below is a short talk I gave at the CloudCon 2011. The subject is scalable and cloud "aware" architecture.
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Software Craftsmanship – Meeting 6

יום חמישי, פברואר 24, 2011

Chronicles of the 6th Software Craftsmanship (SCIL) meetup. This time, we discussed and practiced my own very beloved technique - called Refactoring. During the session Itay Maman demonstrated a real life project that he needed to refactor for his company. On the first part of our meeting, Itay refactored a very lengthy method in the CustomAction class, called actionPerformed. Here is the initial code of that method. You can watch the session here, where Itay demonstrated his approach and the refactoring steps he applied. On the second part of the meeting, we practiced by refactoring the same code, but this time without the unit...
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Software Craftsmanship – Meeting 4

יום שישי, נובמבר 5, 2010

Boy, I had so much fun during our 4th meeting... There were more than 80 people, deeply concerned about our profession and eager to learn best patterns & practices. In the first part we had 3 lectures: Code Reviews (Tools & Processes) - Ran Tavory , Structure 101 - Eran Harel and Legacy Code & Unit Tests - Uri Lavi. In the second part Aviv Ben-Yosef & Yoni Tsafir demonstrated pair programming (Randori Style) while solving the Bowling Kata exercise. ...
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Software Craftsmanship – Meeting 3

יום ראשון, ספטמבר 26, 2010

Our 3-id Software Craftsmanship meetup was as usual divided into 2 parts. During the first part - Lior Friedman gave us an interesting lecture on Context Based Design, DRY, KISS and SOLID. Lior also demonstrated how to take a legacy code and apply unit tests on it. Below you can find the lecture: During the second part - we had a Coding Dojo. Some of us implemented the Lychrel Numbers Detector (in Java, JavaScript and C#), while others continued with Lior's example and introduced unit tests in order to refactor the code. My special thanks to Tzipi and CheckPoint for providing the space.
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Short Roman Numeral Kata

יום שני, אוגוסט 16, 2010

For our second Software Craftsmanship Coding Dojo, I have prepared a "Short Roman Numeral" Kata. In essence, a Short Roman Numeral is a number between 0 to 3999 that has a ToString() method which returns its roman presentation. The rules of roman presentation construction can be found here. After the meeting, I took some time in order to record the Code Kata. As you probably know it is extremely difficult to produce a well synchronized recording. Hence, after a few sleepless nights I have finished the recording with great satisfaction, only to discover (thank you my "dear" friend) that I made a typo during...
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