The blog has moved

29 ביולי 2012

After posting for couple of years to this great community it is the time for me to move to my own platform and domain. The new blog can be found here and the RSS feed is: already subscribed readers will be redirected automatically to the new feed. I was privileged to have all this platform community users as the readers of my blog!
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Management Tips – A Hebrew Podcast on Management and Leadership

2 ביולי 2012

As promised, today we (Lior Cohen and I)  have announced our new podcast in Hebrew on Management and Leadership. In this podcast we will try to provide tips, tools and best practices from our experience as well as from the experience of other prominent leaders in the Israeli work space. I believe there are many tales about managers and management. Without going into too much details, we believe that management is a skill you need to grow slowly and gradually (the same way as you grow your technology skills for example). It is a long way to go... A well...
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