It's Alive

27 באוקטובר 2011

I and my friend are both in the process of building our houses (I actually already moved in, but the process never ends ;)). Needless to say, that we invested a lot of energy (and money) to oversee the construction. Somehow, during one of our talks, we touched a very interesting observation. We both hired an architect (a real one, not a software architect :)) and we both benefited from the great ideas these architects brought to the table. You see, the house I am building is just a simple 5 rooms apartment, which will stay for me the same 5 rooms...
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Fostering Software Craftsmansip (or How to Build Successful Teams) – Hebrew

21 באוקטובר 2011

Last month I presented a short lecture about Fostering Software Craftsmanship (or How to Build Successful Teams) to one of the top notch technological units in IDF. The lecture is a hybrid of management and engineering skills. It focuses on the dissonance between the needed software engineering skills in the industry and what happens in the reality. The main idea in the talk is that using Software Craftsmanship principles as individuals and as TEAMs makes it possible to create high quality groups that produce great products. The lecture is in Hebrew and I hope that you will find it interesting...
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