What should I learn in my CS degree?

25 בפברואר 2011

My strongest believe is that everyone who devotes his life to Software Engineering, should have a CS degree. Why? Well, it's a different question, so I would postpone my answer for now. Instead, in the following post I would like to emphasize the subjects (and hence the tools) one should acquire during his studies. These tools are essential in creating a "shared" language between us the engineers. These tools are essential in being the solid ground of our day to day architectural and lingual abstractions. These tools are essential in being the means of our research capabilities, logical deduction, advantages and disadvantages of each...
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Seventh Software Craftsmanship Meeting

24 בפברואר 2011

I am very excited to announce the 7th SCIL meetup. How to utilize efficiently Programming Languages? Lectures: -Dynamic languages seem to be more concise and less verbose than their Static counterparts. However, using Dynamic languages efficiently requires a different approach. During the first part of our meeting Reuven Lerner will demonstrate the differences between Dynamic and Static languages and present the right approaches to utilize the full power of a Dynamic language. -While general purpose languages can solve any problem, the creation of special-purpose languages for expressing problems and solving a particular problem domain is highly efficient. During the second part of our meeting Dror Helper...
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Software Craftsmanship – Meeting 6

Chronicles of the 6th Software Craftsmanship (SCIL) meetup. This time, we discussed and practiced my own very beloved technique - called Refactoring. During the session Itay Maman demonstrated a real life project that he needed to refactor for his company. On the first part of our meeting, Itay refactored a very lengthy method in the CustomAction class, called actionPerformed. Here is the initial code of that method. You can watch the session here, where Itay demonstrated his approach and the refactoring steps he applied. On the second part of the meeting, we practiced by refactoring the same code, but this time without the unit...
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