Fifth Meeting of the "Software Craftsmanship in Israel" Group

20 בנובמבר 2010

Our 5th meet-up is rolling out (on 15.12.2010) and I am very excited as this time there are plenty of surprises :)First, we have a lot of cool giveaways to give during the meet-up (A hint is here). Second, the meet-up's title is:  “All you need is… Code” and its format is slightly different:  We are going to discuss different SW principles: DRY, TDD, Code Reviews and etc... The demonstrations will be done in 3-4 different groups. Each group will discuss a different SW principle. Each 30 min, after sounding some music the participants will exchange their groups. Each principle...
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Mentorship – The First Impression

8 בנובמבר 2010

On our 4th Software Craftsmanship meet-up I have introduced the Mentorship / Apprenticeship program. Since then, I have received 2 great apprentices to mentor. In the following series of posts I would like to summarize our mutual experiences (questions, debates and learning processes) for the benefit of the community. During the first meeting we discussed the following topics: Introduction: We talked about each others experience: what we learned from that experience and what we didn't :) What does Software Craftsmanship stand for? I reviewed the basic Software Craftsmanship ideals and values and we...
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Software Craftsmanship – Meeting 4

Boy, I had so much fun during our 4th meeting... There were more than 80 people, deeply concerned about our profession and eager to learn best patterns & practices. In the first part we had 3 lectures: Code Reviews (Tools & Processes) - Ran Tavory , Structure 101 - Eran Harel and Legacy Code & Unit Tests - Uri Lavi. In the second part Aviv Ben-Yosef & Yoni Tsafir demonstrated pair programming (Randori Style) while solving the Bowling Kata exercise. ...
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