Mentorship \ Apprenticeship Program

18 באוקטובר 2010

In the previous post I wrote that as part of our next Software Craftsmanship meetup I will establish and start the enrollment process for a Mentorship \ Apprenticeship Program. Since then I received quite a few emails and questions regarding the program and decided to summarize the answers in a Q&A form. What does the Mentorship (Apprenticeship) program stand for? How does the Mentorship (Apprenticeship) program work? How a Mentee finds/chooses a Mentor? What is the Mentor's responsibility? What is the Mentee's responsibility? What is the minimum period of the Mentorship (Apprenticeship) Program? Can a Mentee\Mentor leave in the middle of the Mentorship (Apprenticeship) program? What happens at...
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Fourth Meeting of the "Software Craftsmanship in Israel" Group

On 18.10.10 at 18:30 we will conduct our fourth Software Craftsmanship meeting. The agenda is: Introduction: Introducing Mentorship / Apprenticeship Program. I (~40 - ~60 min) - Lectures:  Each lecture will be up to 20 min. Depending on the time, we will have 2-3 lectures. Structure 101 Effective Code Reviews - How? "Legacy" Code & Unit Tests II (~80 min) - Coding Dojo: Demonstrating Pair Programming (Randori Style). We will write a small program, evolving its design and tests. If you have a laptop with your environments set-up, please bring it to the meeting. Please register on LinkedIn event or on Eventbrite event (next time only Eventbrite :) ). The meeting will take...
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The Importance of Mentorship

2 באוקטובר 2010

It's hard to become a professional. It's even harder to become a professional Software Engineer. Last week, during a small management conference I bumped into an old friend of mine, who I didn't see for a couple of years. Being a leader of a software engineering group, he was frustrated and worried: "I have a group of 20 people, working hard to meet harsh deadlines. The project has just started, but most of the software engineers are already not pleased. There are junior developers that consider themselves as senior developers, there are senior developers that consider themselves as team leaders and...
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