Effective Code Review – A Presentation

30 בספטמבר 2010

Here is a short presentation I did a while ago on a Code Review process. I am sure, there are a lot of different ways to do code review, but the following served me well in the past. One important note to bare in mind is that a Code Review cannot take more than a few hours. People get tired easily; It's difficult to read somebody else's logic (code) and even more: to understand and to pinpoint the problems. Therefore the Code Review process should be effective and highly cohesive as much as possible; I like the following metrics: Summary: Ask a Software Engineer...
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A Round Table

27 בספטמבר 2010

Here is an interesting thing about Partnership and Shared Ownership. Once creating such an atmosphere within your team (company) you are on the road to success. Everybody works together in order to accomplish the shared targets: Product Managers, Engineering, QA, Market Managers and etc... Usually, small teams and small companies are characterized by the "Partnership and Shared Ownership" DNA. But when they grow, rest assure that slowly but surely the Partnership and the Shared Ownership notion will dissipate. Once reaching ~150 people it is almost impossible to share the same values as you did before. (And in my humble opinion, it happens much much...
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Software Craftsmanship – Meeting 3

26 בספטמבר 2010

Our 3-id Software Craftsmanship meetup was as usual divided into 2 parts. During the first part - Lior Friedman gave us an interesting lecture on Context Based Design, DRY, KISS and SOLID. Lior also demonstrated how to take a legacy code and apply unit tests on it. Below you can find the lecture: During the second part - we had a Coding Dojo. Some of us implemented the Lychrel Numbers Detector (in Java, JavaScript and C#), while others continued with Lior's example and introduced unit tests in order to refactor the code. My special thanks to Tzipi and CheckPoint for providing the space.
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