Short Roman Numeral Kata

16 באוגוסט 2010

For our second Software Craftsmanship Coding Dojo, I have prepared a "Short Roman Numeral" Kata. In essence, a Short Roman Numeral is a number between 0 to 3999 that has a ToString() method which returns its roman presentation. The rules of roman presentation construction can be found here. After the meeting, I took some time in order to record the Code Kata. As you probably know it is extremely difficult to produce a well synchronized recording. Hence, after a few sleepless nights I have finished the recording with great satisfaction, only to discover (thank you my "dear" friend) that I made a typo during...
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Third Meeting of the "Software Craftsmanship in Israel" Group

7 באוגוסט 2010

On 15.09.10 at 18:00 we will conduct our third Software Craftsmanship meeting. The agenda is: Writing Clean Code: Topics (60-80min): Applying Unit Tests on Existing Code Refactoring Hands-On part (40m-60m): Applying Unit Tests on Existing Code Coding Dojo I highly reccomend the session; If you want to understand what is the process of applying Unit Tests on "Legacy Code" (Existing Code) then you should come. If you have a laptop with your environments set-up, please bring it to the meeting. Please register here. The meeting will take place here. (Pay attention, this time the meeting will take place in Check Point's offices in Tel Aviv)
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