Refactoring Tools Review – part II

11 במרץ 2010

Oh, my God! I am definitely in love! I finally had the time to play with the latest DevExpress's Refactor! Pro and Code Rush. Two distinct main features capture my eyes immediately: The ability to highlight the changes/code smells and refactorings inside the Visual Studio's Editor. It seems that the team invested a lot of effort in order to enable painting on the Visual Studio's editor and canvas. This enables a smooth user experience, without prompting and stalling with unnecessary dialogs. The changes are visualized directly on the source code. Below is one of my favorite refactoring steps: "Extract Method" visualized in Visual Studio 2008. A huge amount...
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Prime Factors Kata

7 במרץ 2010

One of the key aspects of a Software Craftsmanship is constant practice. Kata (from Martial Arts) is one form of such practice. The notion of a Code Kata was first introduced by Dave Thomas and can be viewed as: Practice of the same methods, solutions and activities to a perfection. Practice of the same problem, tackling it each time from a different angle or with a different solution. Solving a known problem multiple times utilizing the same methods, enhances the understanding of the specific steps; It especially enhances the understanding of unit tests, refactoring steps or "Design" approaches. Moreover, striving to do better...
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