One pattern to rule them all

26 ביולי 2009

Well, there is none... Simply to put, there is no silver bullet. Yet, while designing an application, there are several well known extremes: "Heavy weighted design" - Such a design will use almost each and every pattern described in the bible of "Design Patterns" - by the Gang of Four. However, squeezing as much as possible patterns into your design has a bad smell. Here is what Erich Gamma has to say on the matter: ...
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Asymmetric Accessor Accessibility & Automatic Properties

7 ביולי 2009

Asymmetric Accessor Accessibility – is a feature that was introduced in .NET 2.0 in order to allow different accessibility levels to get and set portions of a property or an indexer. Those get and set portions are called accessors. In the example below, the get accessor is public, whereas the set accessor is restricted and private. private string id;//...public string Id{ get { return id; } private set { id = value; }} Automatic Properties – is a syntactic sugar feature, introduced in .NET 3.5 to allow more concise property declaration. public string Id {get; set;} The above...
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