Shooting without Aiming

30 באפריל 2009

During my lectures on “Refactoring & Design” I am frequently amazed to hear the following ideas: “Doesn’t Design contradict Agile? Isn’t Agile about gaining speed, while Design about gaining bureaucracy?” - some ask. “Why bother with Design? Eventually It’s impossible to do any design when using Agile methods, like TDD” - others continue. I often compare the aforementioned questions to “Shooting without Aiming”. It won’t occur to shoot at a target without first aiming at it. The rule is true, especially when the time is short and every shot counts; You will spend an extra minute just to aim it...
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Dude, I blew up the Demo!

24 באפריל 2009

I am sure, we are ALL familiar with the situation: Morning… The sun is shining, the birds are chirping… You are sitting in front of your computer, sipping a delicious cup of coffee. Then, in the corner of your eye, you spot movement; your VP Marketing approaches you with a big smile on his face: “Jonathan”, he says, “Just got important news, we have a big opportunity! We have been requested to demonstrate our super complex web analysis capabilities to a huge potential client. Could we build a quick demo?” You sigh and start coding… You don't sleep neither eat; you copy...
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Separate Domain from Presentation – Part I

16 באפריל 2009

Visual Studio can be a swiss knife in the hands of a Software Developer. You want a fully functional application within several hours; here you go sir: Create Windows Forms Application. Add relevant Data Sources (in Figure 1 below: Courses table). Drag generated entities from the Data Sources onto relevant Forms. Add minimum code to show the Forms in the required order Compile & execute Walla, I present you an “enterprise application”! ...
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The Hunt for a Software Engineer

12 באפריל 2009

This week I had interesting discussions regarding hiring and interviewing professional personnel. The reason it was so interesting, is the fact that the discussions were raised simultaneously by two friends of mine, each from his unique point of view.  David is a R&D Manager who leads successfully a complicated software project written in .NET technologies. David tries to hire a Software Engineer with specific experience in Smart Clients and Complicated Servers applications but without any success. David complaints that most of the candidates he meets have a superficial knowledge and don’t meet his expectations.  Daniel is a talented Software Engineer whose...
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