Microsoft Azure: How to migrate your old subscription to a brand new subscription

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello Guys,Today I'm going to explain about migrating from old subscription to a new one, this usually occurring when companies using MSDN account or Bizpark account want to migrate to their new EA/OPEN license accounts. Important: before you decide to migrate data from one Azure Subscription/Microsoft Account to another, you should check the pre-requisites beforehand (see at the end of this article). To create a support ticket To migrate data or move subscriptions between different Microsoft Accounts, follow these steps: Go to Azure support site Click on "Get Support" This will cause you to have to authenticate to the Azure portal  Once loaded, you'll get a...

Microsoft Azure: StorSimple

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hello All, Today i'm going to write about the future of Storage appliances with focus on the StorSimple Products. There is a new series of StorSimple products (Acquired by Microsoft) that could assist you in some scenarios of Capacity and performance: the StorSimple 8100 and the StorSimple 8600. These are enterprise hybrid storage appliances that works as an auto-tiering solution - instead of being limited to only SSDs as the 1st tier and HDDs as the 2nd tier, these arrays use Azure Storage as a hybrid cloud tier for automatic capacity expansion and off-site data protection as the 3rd tier. That means IT...

Microsoft Azure: Operational Insights Preview feature

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hello Guys, Today I will explain a bit about a new preview feature called Microsoft Azure operational insight which can give you a deep analysis information about your server in Azure or even in your on-premises environment. So let's get started… What is Operational Insights and why do I need it? Operational Insights enables users to interact with real-time and historical data to rapidly develop custom insights, and provides Microsoft and community-developed patterns for analyzing data. Operational Insights provides powerful search capabilities that enable ad-hoc root cause analysis and automated troubleshooting across multiple data sources. Without instrumenting any code directly or having knowledge of...
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Azure Publish Settings File

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hello All, Today I’m going to explain a bit about the Azure publish settings file. Let get started. What is it? Basically, the publish settings file is an XML file which holds all your account configuration and information about your subscription. It contains information about all subscriptions associated with a user which configured ad windows live id or an organizational account which his domain got verified. How does it work? 1st of all you will have to get the file (I will explain how to do this later on this article). The publish settings file contains raw data of that certificate and all your subscriptions. Any...
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How to: Set two factor authentication to users inside Azure Directory

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello all, Today I’m going to explain a bit about the two factor authentication mechanism and then I will show you how to implement it on Azure Directory. Let’s start by explain about Authentication factors, there are 3 of a kind: Knowledge factor (something the user knows) – for example: username + password Possession/ownership factor (something the user has) – for example: token Inherence factor (something the user is or does) – for example: fingerprint If you will combine 2 factors together you will get a two factor authentication. Got it? Good  :) , now let’s implement it on Azure: 1. Login to the management portal. 2. Go...
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How to: Deploy Apache Tomcat in 5 minutes using Azure Websites Services

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello Everyone, Today I will show you how to deploy Apache Tomcat using Azure Websites services in just 5 minutes!!! Ready? Let's start! :) 1. Go to Windows Azure portal and enter your account. 2. Go to website tab: 3. Press on “Create a web site” and then press on “From Gallery” 4. Then click on Tomcat Apache 7 and hit next: 5. Then enter the URL that you wish and wait for the validation process to end and confirm that the URL address is free, choose the hosting plan (in this particular example we choose to create a new one) and then choose the region and hit next: After pressing...

Set a static IP address for Windows Azure VM

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hello All As you already know one of the most common issues that we faced using Windows Azure was that we cannot set a static IP for virtual machine, instead we obtain an IP address from the Azure DHCP (depending on the network subnet that you configure the virtual machine to use) .In the last release of Azure PowerShell we got a new command that help us solve this issue The command name is: Set-AzureStaticVNetIP .This command basically create a reservation of the IP address to be set only to the specific VM ?How does it works Please download the latest PowerShell CMDLET from...
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How to create a WordPress blog site in 5 minutes using Azure Websites

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how you can create your own WordPress blog in 5 minutes using Windows Azure websites components Let's start Logon to azure management portal. Go to -> Compute -> Website -> From Gallery Then on the left side choose Blogs and then Choose WordPress and hit the next button Then choose your URL (which will be *, choose a MySQL database (if you didn't create one before, a database will be created for you), choose a region and hit next Note that: there are some deployment settings of the WordPress that you can fill if you wish Then you...

כיצד לבטל את חוויות ה-Swipe ב-Touch Pad של המחשב הנייד

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

אם גם אתם כמוני, משתמשים כבדים ב-Windows 8 ובעכבר מסוג Touchpad שבד”כ מצוי במחשבים ניידים, ומוצאים את עצמכם לפעמים בטעות עוברים מה-Desktop לאפליקצייות Modern UI ולא מבינים למה, אז הנה התשובה: רוב ה-Touch Pads מיוצרים ע”י חברת Synaptics שמלווה אותנו כבר שנים בכל הקשור לעכברים עם משטח מגע והם עברו התאמה מסויימת ל-Windows 8. כפי שאתם ודאי יודעים, אם הייתם עובדים עם Windows 8 במכשיר Tablet יכולתם לבצע מספר פעולות במסך כמו: Swipe from the left: מחליף אפליקציות Swipe from the Right: מציג את תפריט ה-Charms ...
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בעיה באימות שם שרת SCVMM בזמן התקנה

Thursday, January 3, 2013

הקמתי דומיין משלי ושמות המחשבים שלי מורכבים בד”כ משם הדומיין – שם המערכת – ומס’ המערכת. לדוגמה: ORIH-DC-01 התקנתי כבר כמה מערכות שונות אך הגעתי לבעיה כאשר התקנתי את System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012  וכמו שאפשר להסיק שם המכונה היה: ORIH-SCVMM-01. לאחר המתנה להתקנת המערכת התקבלה הודעת השגיאה הבאה: מלל הודעת השגיאה הוא: Virtual Machine Manager cannot process the request because an error occurred while authenticating ORIH-SCVMM-01.ORIH.local possible cause are… לאחר בדיקה לא ארוכה, מסתבר שלא ניתן להשתמש במערכת זו...
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