Choosing Applications from the Catalog in Microsoft Cloud App Security

3 בAugust 2016

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Microsoft Cloud App Security has a broad variety of applications to choose from the catalog. It is most recommended for an IT person to be familiar with the rank of an application in order to plan and choose the correct policy to apply for it.



Ranks are measured from 1 to 10 and provide an explanation for the risk factor – the higher the rank, the lower the risk.

Let’s examine a rank of an application:

In order to view the rank specifications simply click on the application and it will expand to three sections.

  • The first section is the General section which shows the application reputation according to factors like the foundation date, domain registration and costumer popularity:


This is a very important factor when choosing a public app, mostly because it indicates the application’s stability and trust.

  • The second section is the Security section which displays the supported known security mechanisms that apply to this application:


  • The third and last section is the Compliance section that shows whether this app comply with security best practices of known security organizations and government regulations:


These scores can be updated regularly by Microsoft teams while you get to participate (if the score settings of the app seem not so accurate for you) by requesting a score update or reporting of a legitimate change in the application security.

You will find these three links in the bottom of the score board (just below the Compliance section):


To conclude this, I would say that it is rather critical to be familiar with the ranking of your applications and taking part in their scoring.

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