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27 בAugust 2014

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With the latest faulty Microsoft updates which cause blue screen (BSOD) arises the question  how to remove this updates which already been installed on our corporate pc’s, using WSUS can make our life much easier with handling updates inside our corporate.

There are few possible ways to handle updates, we will focus on the following

Approved – Which approves an update to be installed

Declined – Which flags an update as not allowed to be installed

Approved for removal – Applies an update which already been installed for removal

We will focus on the third one as the first two are quite simple to understand

1st – lets locate to unwanted Update / KB


Than, Approve the updates which you would like to remove.

Security Update

Chose on which Computer Group to apply the removal – i’ll advice you to test it first on some testing group and later to apply it on another computer groups

Approved Updates

Next step is a little bit tricky, if you would like to apply the removal immediately and not to wait until your client contacts your wsus server you should set the deadline to the removal in the past and it will contact your wsus server asap to get the list of approved and approved for removal updates.

Approve Updates

Critical Updates

if you will check for updates you will see the desired updates for removal marked as (uninstall)

Updates Removal

Igor Bekerman, Agile IT Solutions

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