Automated Deployment of SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure

5 בAugust 2014

Hello All,

Today I want to share with you a new solution which came public in Windows Azure (Currently only on the new azure portal).
The solution is basically an automated solution that deploy automatically a whole Cloud Service (including VNet, Storage, ETC..) dedicated for SharePoint 2013.
In the past (one week ago) I used an automated script which was present at github but I had to do a lot of changes and switches so the script will be adjusted for the customer needs and Azure requirements. (Such as SQL Always On, Failover Clustering, different cloud service for the SQL and for the SharePoint and more…)

This is the structure of the servers in the High Availability template:
2 x AD servers (Standard A1 instance – 1 Core, 1.75GB Ram)
2 x SQL Server (Standard A5 instance – 2 Core, 14GB Ram)
1 x Witness Server (Standard A0 instance – Shared Core, 768MB Ram)
2 x SharePoint Backend Servers – (Standard A2 instance – 2 Core, 3.5GB Ram)
2 x Frontend Servers – (Standard A2 instance – 2 Core, 3.5GB Ram)

Note that you can change the instances of the machines but the default instances are the minimum requirements.

You will have to insert some details such as the name of the domain, domain admin user and password hostnames, virtual network, storage, subscription, data-center.
After that let Azure do the magic.

That’s it.
Good luck.

Ido Katz
Senior Infrastructure Consultant
Agile IT Solutions

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