How to: Deploy Apache Tomcat in 5 minutes using Azure Websites Services

12 בMay 2014

Hello Everyone,
Today I will show you how to deploy Apache Tomcat using Azure Websites services in just 5 minutes!!!
Ready? Let’s start! 🙂

1. Go to Windows Azure portal and enter your account.

2. Go to website tab:


3. Press on “Create a web site” and then press on “From Gallery”


4. Then click on Tomcat Apache 7 and hit next:


5. Then enter the URL that you wish and wait for the validation process to end and confirm that the URL address is free, choose the hosting plan (in this particular example we choose to create a new one) and then choose the region and hit next:


After pressing the next button, Windows Azure will create the website for you and when he will finish to deploy the Tomcat, you should be able to see the website you created inside the websites tab:


6. Now stand on the website you created and press on browse, it will automatically will take you to the Tomcat Apache default page:


Now you probably will ask “Ok, I got the Tomcat, what now? How can I start with my configuration?”

Well this is a good question, in order to start using/playing/configuring the tomcat you will have to go back to the website dashboard inside Windows Azure, and then press on the WebMatrix which will give you the options to manage your site (such as using  a TFS source control or publishing file and etc..)


As well if you wish to adjust or change some Infrastructure settings (such as uploading an SSL certificate) and/or architecture settings (such as .Net Framework version or PHP version) you may go to the Website configuration tab on Azure:


Well, that’s it..we just deployed a new Apache Tomcat using Azure Websites services

Good luck & Enjoy,

Ido Katz

Senior Infrastructure Consultant

Agile IT Solutions

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