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19 בFebruary 2014

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As you probably know by now, Windows Phone 8.1 is my favorite OS for smartphones.
In the past few months we’ve seen few updates rolling out with the code name ‘Amber’ and ‘Black’ but one thing for sure – we are all waiting for the Windows Phone 8.1 update to bring us new features – those big and mostly small things that are missing in our daily usage (and to ease the migration from iOS and Android.

So what shall we expect in the Windows Phone 8.1 Big update? I’ve created a short list of my most important features:

1. Action Center – Microsoft finally bringing an pull down action center which will give you a ‘home’ for your notifications and quick access to system settings such as WiFi, BT, etc’

2. According to your location, your phone will suggest you applications

3. Finally app data and game data will be backed up to OneDrive (Must be enabled by the developer)

4. Weather view in the calendar app

5. Finally week and year view in the calendar app

6. Podcast app

7. Side loaded apps will have now .appx (Modern UI and WP UI getting closer?)

8. Ability to set E-mail sync options per day

9. If your phone is enterprise enrolled you’ll be able to change your domain password

10. Office lens – scan documents with your camera and import them to Office with OCR

11. Buit-in VPN support

12. Quite hours

13. Separate volume controls for ringtones/notifications and music/media

14. Ability to close apps in multitasking view by swiping down

15. Swipe keyboard

16. Mute text threads

17. Battery power sense – see which app draining your phone

18. Finally File Manager

19. Protect your office documents with passwords

20. Notification if charger isn’t of adequate power

Well, this is the “short” list, can’t wait to start play with a final version of Windows Phone 8.1

Now I can only hope to see an European/ Israeli new brother to the Nokia Icon.

Nizan Schtalman
Senior IT consultant at AgileIT and Deployment Specialist at Microsoft

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