During my job, while I’m roaming between different organizations I get exposed to many  interesting products that IT admins use in order to maintain or manage their servers and workstations
Lately I saw one product that got my full attention so much that I decided to adopt it immediately to my company and as something I recommend for all my customers


A Real-Time performance monitor system from Smart-X for Windows environments such as: Servers, Terminal, Workstations and VDI
One management console that monitors all the resources in different levels (Computer, Session, Process) and performs advanced management actions on many resources at the same time within a few seconds


How does it work

The console runs in a single computer that doesn’t require installation
From the console you choose which resources you want to manage from your Active Directory environment
The console will install automatically agents without any user interaction
And from that moment, ControlUp becomes the easiest platform to monitor , troubleshoot and manage these resources like you never could before

ControlUp in Action

A grid view on all the sources and sort them by their Stress Level. A drilldown will bring us to the specific user or process that causes the stress, including the option to take a screenshot of that process


Registry comparison between many resources, including the option to add \ delete and modify


Managing RDP Sessions


Multi-Target Actions on many resources on in real-time: Refresh Group Policy, Flush DNS
If a script we need is not on the list – it can be added manually


ControlUp Advantages

A lot of system are used to monitor or manage. here are some significant advantages of ControlUp

No need for deployment – No special hardware is required. The console is portable and the agents deploy is fast and silent. just download and start using
One Console – for servers and for workstations, for monitoring and managing
Advanced drilldown capabilities – a stressed computer, session or process can be located within seconds
Fast detail refresh – the agents are reporting updated details to the console every 3 seconds
Multi-Target Actions – managing thousands of resources and run actions on all of them in a few seconds
Incident Triggers – custom alerts can be configured to get an automatic e-mail on an event. for example: when CPU is over 90% over 5 minutes

Thousands of organization are already using ControlUp

Today, this is the number 1 tool in our organization to troubleshoot and manage our environment
I truly love it and recommend you to download and get use to a different standard of system

You can download it from here

Tamir Levy