New Windows 8 Store Apps Development with C# 6 days Course

Monday, January 14, 2013

 Recently, I've been working hard, developing a new Windows 8 Store Apps 6 days Course for C# developers. Today I was very proud to deliver it to one of John Bryce customers, at Hi-Tech College, Herzliya, and it was a great beginning. The course is very detailed and practical, just like I did with a previous 6 days WPF course I've developed. Different content, different college, but same mini-Me J. So if you've enjoyed previous sessions with me, I'm sure you'll enjoy this course either, now with CodeValue.  Following is the agenda for the course arranged by Modules and Topics. Each topic...

Just in case Input Language in Windows 8 is driving you nuts…

Thursday, November 29, 2012

In case you’re working with more than one input language in Windows 8 (EN, HE…), and you’re wondering “Why the hell the input language is HE in vs2012 or EN in Word, or the opposite, and not switching back automatically…”? The answer for this question is: starting with Windows 8, the default for input language for any window is the last selected by the user (Users request from Microsoft…). This situation is great for users who are working with only one language. This feature is annoying for users like me, switching languages back and forward, it drives...
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Microsoft has just released Windows 8 and VS 2012 for MSDN subscribers

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Microsoft has just released Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 for MSDN subscribers! What are you waiting for? If you’ve MSDN subscription, go ahead, be first to download this long awaited release. Now with the release of both, Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 we can develop Windows 8 apps and upload them to the online store.   Also don’t forget to check the Windows 8 Apps Development Microsoft’s Israeli forum I’m coordinating with two other community members. In this forum I’m sure you will find all the answers for your Windows 8 Apps developments questions, in all...
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Windows Phone Summit – Live Blogging

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Windows Phone Summit is taking place right now, and I’m watching it Live over the the WEB at Frankly, there’s nothing new I didn’t know, but now it’s official by Microsoft. There are about 9 new features in the future Windows Phone 8 Shared core between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, includes Native Code apps! Support of Multi Core CPU’s Support for additional 2 screen resolution: 720p, WXGA Removable MicroSD support Internet Explorer 10, with HTML5 and better JS performance New start screen with more tiles and resizing options Wallet  experience Nokia Map technology replaces Bing...

Migrating your Windows 8 Consumer Preview app to Windows 8 Release Preview

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lately, Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview, and also Visual Studio 2012 RC. If you’re a Metro Style application developer, you might wonder what has changed from the last Beta. As one who have already developed Metro Style apps, I can say that there are braking changes! One of my favorite is in the Dispatcher (CoreDispatcher class) which no longer contains BeginInvoke pre-historic operation style of the old version of asynchronous pattern. Instead it contains the modern ‘async’ convention method called RunAync, which is of course Windows Runtime asynchronous method. Here’s the signature of it: public IAsyncAction RunAsync(CoreDispatcherPriority...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) is out!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Windows 8 Beta build 8250 is out, and you can download it from here: The new beta is called Consumer Preview and it contains some installed apps and other 100 can be downloaded from the Windows Store. Here are some of the new features you can find: New bootscreen New branding New shortcut menu New way to close Immersive Apps New start button New Aero lite theme New Ribbon organization New splitted touch keyboard organisation
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Windows Devices User Group Meeting – Windows Phone Navigation & Life Cycle

Friday, February 17, 2012

במפגש משתמשים Windows Devices השני, שיתקיים במיקרוסופט רעננה, בתאריך 28/2/2012, יום שלישי, אני מעביר הרצאה בנושא Windows Phone Navigation and Application Life Cycle.   בהרצאה זו אדבר על יכולות הניווט בין אפליקציות ובתוך אפליקציות Windows Phone, ואראה כיצד הן משפיעות על תהליך ריצת האפליקציה. כמו כן, נלמד להבדיל בין שני המצבים Dormancy ו- Tombstoning, וכיצד לקחת מצבים אלו בחשבון בזמן תכנון אפליקצית Windows Phone.   לפרטים נוספים אודות הארוע, ורישום:   אשמח לראותכם, תומר שמם

Developers Seminar at Microsoft about Advanced Windows Phone 7.5

Thursday, January 26, 2012

          אני שמח להזמין אתכם ליום עיון למפתחים במיקרוסופט רעננה, בתאריך 13/2/2012 שיוצא ביום שני, בו אני מרצה בנושא Advanced Windows Phone 7.5 Applications.   בהרצאה זו נדבר על מרכיב חדש שהתווסף לגרסת מנגו, שמאפשר לתהליכים באפליקציה לרוץ ברקע בזמן שהאפליקציה אינה רצה. מה שבעצם מכונה Background Task, ונלמד כיצד בעזרת תהליכים מקביליים אלו תוכל האפליקציה לעדכן Tiles, לבדוק שינויי סטטוס, לבצע סנכרון מול השרת, ועוד, ובו זמנית לשמור על חיי סוללה תקינים וחווית משתמש איכותית.   פרטים נוספים אודות האירוע, והרשמה תוכלו למצוא בלינק הבא:   נשמח לראותכם, תומר שמם  

Windows Phone Tutorial – Building a Windows Phone app for sending SMS to many contacts at once – Part I

Recently, I’ve had to inform many of my contacts that I have a new phone number, so I thought to myself “Wow… this is a tough one, sending SMS to many people, using the regular SMS interface, adding contact one by one…”. So I decided to develop a small Windows Phone app for doing that, and I would like to share my solution and show how I developed it step-by-step. Requirements First, lets talk about the requirements of such an app: Sending SMS to contacts in my phone which are Mobile type only. Select relevant contacts from...

Windows Phone Israeli Forum Merge

Thursday, January 19, 2012

שלום לכולם,   ברצוני להודיע על איחוד הפורומים בנושא Windows Phone. כעת ניתן לשאול שאלות ולמצוא תשובות הקשורות ל- Windows Phone, גם בנושאי פיתוח וגם בנושאים אחרים באותו פורום שנמצא בכתובת הבאה:   שימו לב, הפורום עוסק בנושאי Windows Phone בלבד, ולא בנושאי Windows Mobile.   אם לא הכרתם את הפורום עד כה, זאת הזדמנות מעולה להרשם ולהתרשם.   בברכה, תומר שמם