Windows Phone Summit – Live Blogging

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Windows Phone Summit is taking place right now, and I’m watching it Live over the the WEB at Frankly, there’s nothing new I didn’t know, but now it’s official by Microsoft. There are about 9 new features in the future Windows Phone 8 Shared core between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, includes Native Code apps! Support of Multi Core CPU’s Support for additional 2 screen resolution: 720p, WXGA Removable MicroSD support Internet Explorer 10, with HTML5 and better JS performance New start screen with more tiles and resizing options Wallet  experience Nokia Map technology replaces Bing...

Session – Building Extensible Rich Internet Applications with the Managed Extensibility Framework

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In this great session, Glenn Block and my collegue Ariel Ben Horesh have talked about Managed Extensibility Framework for Silverlight 4 for building customizable applications that can easily be extended by third parties. Whether you are building an extensible data grid, a custom rules engine, a pluggable editor, or a composite application such as a pluggable CRM system, you want to learn about MEF. They explained how to use MEF to decouple applications into more maintainable the application into dynamically deployable chunks that download on-demand. The managed extensibility framework (MEF) is a new library in .NET 4.0 and...

Windows Presentation Foundation 4 Plumbing and Internals

In this session we saw the inside scoop on how Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) powers all its rich services – like layout, databinding, and animation. There is a lot of heavy lifting done for you under the hood; in this session, we crack open these system components, including the trees (visual, logical, and inheritance), the property system and its change notification, and a few of the routing systems that all messages go through. Bring your hard-hat for this one! WPF Involves lots of interacting concepts Layout, Animation, Styles, Templates,...
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Session – Advanced Topics for Building Large-Scale Applications with Microsoft Silverlight

In this session, John Papa talked about Silverlight application development patterns such as composite applications with Prism, developing using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, and methods of implementing large, modular, multi-page applications within your team. Also he talked about frameworks created to help assist in rapid development using these patterns without sacrificing good application development patterns. MVVM is a pattern, there is no specific way to do it right. Also with Silverlight. MVVM, MVC, MVP and MV??? are all commonly accepted patterns for maintainable, scalable and testable applications. People look for patterns to describe common way for programming...

Session – Building Line of Business Applications With Silverlight 4

In this nice session David Poll has talked about enhancements to data binding and data validation as well as new support for rich text & printing in the platform that allow you to build compelling LOB user experiences. Everyday we work with data so we usually deal with Interactivity, Entry and Presentation In this talk he explained about features added to SL 4 SL4 in Visual Studio 2010 Data Binding enhancements ...
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Session – Media Foundation: Supporting Hardware Codecs and Cameras

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In this very intersting session, Stan Pennington talked about how Windows 7 adds support in native code for accelerating media transcoding and specific playback experiences through the new asynchronous Media Foundation transform (MFT) model. How to write and use accelerated MFTs, and how to license for preference in Windows Media Player and portable device operations with Windows Shell. He showed a managed sample using the transcoding API, and showed how the new Device Proxy simplifies AVStream driver based video capture in Media Foundation. Talked about in-box support for high-definition UVC webcams and the new extensibility model, along with how...
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MVC by Noam

Monday, April 7, 2008

Noam King is a great lecturer and I like the way he use music instrumentals in his lectures. Although WEB development is not my kind, I really enjoyed his lecture about MVC. I think that MVC is a great concept and an architectural evolution in ASP.NET development> It provides a great option to decide what page is downloaded to the client, by talking to the Controller instead of statically download the page using its URL. and Noam described it well in his musical lecture. I encourage you to see his lecture, its also video recorded.