New Windows 8 Store Apps Development with C# 6 days Course

January 14, 2013


Recently, I’ve been working hard, developing a new Windows 8 Store Apps 6 days Course for C# developers.

Today I was very proud to deliver it to one of John Bryce customers, at Hi-Tech College, Herzliya, and it was a great beginning.

The course is very detailed and practical, just like I did with a previous 6 days WPF course I’ve developed. Different content, different college, but same mini-Me J.

So if you’ve enjoyed previous sessions with me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this course either, now with CodeValue.


Following is the agenda for the course arranged by Modules and Topics. Each topic contains many sub-topics not presented here.


Module 01: Introduction to Windows 8 Store Apps

Introduction to Windows Store Apps

Windows Store app Development

Module 02: Overview of the WinRT

Introduction to Windows Runtime

Async Programming

Module 03: UI Controls and Layout

UI Designer and XAML

Navigation Model

Built-in Controls

Layout and Orientation

Dependency Properties

Routed Events

Module 04: Data Binding and Data Controls

Data Binding and the MVVM Pattern

Data Templates and Content Model

Data Controls

Module 05: Graphics and UI Design

Control Styles

Control Templates

Graphics and Animations

Visual State Manager

Globalization and Localization

Module 06: Application Model and Life Cycle

Application Execution Model

Application and User Data

Module 07: Tiles, Badges and Toast notifications

Tiles and Badges

Secondary Tiles

Toast Notifications

Lock Screen Interaction

Module 08: Contracts and Extensions

Windows Store App Contracts

Windows Store App Extensions

Module 09: Background Tasks

Background task basics

Implementation concepts

Background task sample code

Resource management

Threading model

Best practices

Module 10: Accessing Device Hardware

Camera, Audio and Video

Motion and Device Orientation

Location Awareness

Module 11: Packaging and Deployment

Application Packaging

Install, Update and Removal

Side loading and Enterprise Apps

Introduction to the Windows Store


Please feel free to leave me a private message in this blog, or contact CodeValue, should you want to participate in future courses.

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one comment

  1. Alon.January 15, 2013 ב 19:23

    This is a must have course for anyone that need to start developing Windows 8 applications using XAML. Tomer was the leader in XAML and WPF development since .NET 3.0 and in the last couple months Tomer has led several complex Windows 8 application using XAML, C# and even C++.