Windows Phone Summit – Live Blogging

June 20, 2012

new-start-screenWindows Phone Summit is taking place right now, and I’m watching it Live over the the WEB at

Frankly, there’s nothing new I didn’t know, but now it’s official by Microsoft.

There are about 9 new features in the future Windows Phone 8

  1. Shared core between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, includes Native Code apps!
  2. Support of Multi Core CPU’s
  3. Support for additional 2 screen resolution: 720p, WXGA
  4. Removable MicroSD support
  5. Internet Explorer 10, with HTML5 and better JS performance
  6. New start screen with more tiles and resizing options
  7. Wallet  experience
  8. Nokia Map technology replaces Bing Maps
  9. Support for NFC

UPDATE: Recommendation for W8/WP8 developers:

Build apps using XAML/C#/VB.NET and Games using DirectX/C++.

Now the more interesting question is: When the SDK will be ready so I can put my hands on.

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  1. JoshJune 23, 2012 ב 16:19

    so they are killing Bing Maps too?

  2. Tomer ShamamJuly 12, 2012 ב 13:39

    Indeed! instead there will be Nokia Maps.