Migrating your Windows 8 Consumer Preview app to Windows 8 Release Preview

June 3, 2012


Lately, Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview, and also Visual Studio 2012 RC.

If you’re a Metro Style application developer, you might wonder what has changed from the last Beta.

As one who have already developed Metro Style apps, I can say that there are braking changes!

One of my favorite is in the Dispatcher (CoreDispatcher class) which no longer contains BeginInvoke pre-historic operation style of the old version of asynchronous pattern. Instead it contains the modern ‘async’ convention method called RunAync, which is of course Windows Runtime asynchronous method.

Here’s the signature of it:

public IAsyncAction RunAsync(CoreDispatcherPriority priority, DispatchedHandler agileCallback);

If you really want to spare the trial and error step, finding what was remove, what was change or replaced, you can find all changes in the following white paper:


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  1. Yoichi NakayamaJune 5, 2012 ב 07:33

    I’ve downloaded Migrating_Consumer_Preview_App_to_Release_Preview.docx
    (SHA-1: 8BEE6A177DE0B129A9A3277245B6BF514BD79B88)
    But I cannot open it. Microsoft Word Viewer shows error dialog with message “The file appears to be corrupted.”

  2. Tomer ShamamJune 5, 2012 ב 21:27

    Hi Yoichi,
    Works great for me.
    Send me your email, I’ll send a PDF version of it.