Windows Phone HTC HD7 – A very important update!

November 18, 2011

Thanks to Noam Sheffer, I just connected my Windows Phone to Zune, and guess what!? An important update…

But this guy, is amazing, it’s an HTC update. Yap, right after Mango, and the great news are: Internet Sharing. The long awaited feature.

Now I’m so happy, I can leave my old iPhone to my little Kid for good (only carried it with me for Internet Sharing, since I’m working with some customers with no internet access and this is a must have, at least for me).

So here is screen shot of my device, turning it into WiFi access point.


You can activate Internet Sharing clicking on Settings –> Applications –> Internet Sharing. When you turn the feature on you can set the “Broadcast name” and set security type and password clicking on Setup.

Also here are few screen shots of my Windows 8 Tablet connecting to my Windows Phone using WiFi.


Enjoy your Windows Phone Internet Sharing. Don’t forget to put a strong key…

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  1. Ran TrifonNovember 18, 2011 ב 12:18

    No update for me 🙁