WPF 4 Multitouch Application testing with Microsoft Touch Mouse

February 23, 2011

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One of the greatest features in WPF 4 is the built-in support of Windows 7 multitouch gestures.

Developing multitouch applications for Windows 7 you should have a special multitouch screen, and usually you don’t have it, at least not in your development laptop.

So you have to buy one, or use the PDC 2009 laptop: Acer Aspire 1420P give-away. The problem in such case is that you’ll have to use remote-debug to debug your multitouch gestures, and it’s awkward.

There are several NUI alternatives, but nothing can be compared to the real device.

In such case, Microsoft Touch Mouse is your best friend. The new Touch Mouse adds multitouch gestures for 1, 2, or 3 fingers, and it sits on top of the regular Windows 7 touch gestures, so you can use it to test your multitouch applications and to enjoy working with Windows 7.

Microsoft Touch MouseMicrosoft Touch MouseMicrosoft Touch MouseMicrosoft Touch Mouse

Here is what it can do:

As published by Microsoft, it will be available at May this year.

This touch mouse will definitely be my next wireless mouse and I’m waiting forward for its availability.

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