Composite UI Infrastructure Review by Microsoft, Redmond

October 26, 2009


We’ve just returned back from our Composite UI Infrastructure architecture review by who else but the Prism creators, the Microsoft P&P team, and we’ve also discussed on several WPF issues we’ve got with the WPF team. I have such a great time meeting with David Hill, Blaine Wastell, Julian Dominguez, Rob Relyea, Mike Hillberg, Anson Tsao, Varsha Mahadevan and Jaime Rodriguez. I want to thank each and every one of you personally!

Special thanks to Lior Rozner from Microsoft Israel for leading this great infrastructure, and for being a great companion. Many thanks to the rest of our team for being part of this infrastructure.

Here is a list of topics we’ve talked about:

  • Data Composition – Enables a simple and decoupled way for different modules to add applicative data that is related to each other (enrichment).
  • UI Composition – Provides Reuse of Modules, Components Gluing, Declarative Language, Solution Designer.
  • Meta Data UI Driven – Enables a standard UI Binding to a custom, dynamic & un-typed applicative data structure.
  • Personalization – Save and restore UI and controls preferences set by the user.
    Shared Context – Transactional, Hierarchical, Notifiable Shared UI context state between modules.
  • Bootstrapping
  • Versioning and Deployment
  • The future of WPF Applications
  • Prism v-next
  • Future thoughts…

If you found these topics interesting and would like to hear more about, then I invite you to keep tracking this blog.

Meantime, here are several images


IMG_2279IMG_2319 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2335 IMG_2338 

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  1. Blaine WastellOctober 27, 2009 ב 07:04

    Tomer, I am glad that the visit was fruitful. Let us know how things are going.