Team Foundation Sidekicks 2.2 is released (and with a new Sidekick too)!

4 באוגוסט 2008

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I am very proud to announce new Team Foundation Sidekicks release. In addition to numerous bug fixes and improvements, version 2.2 contains all new Permission Sidekick.

Let me start with minor changes and then present new Sidekicks family member.


  • Code Review Sidekick: Added work item association indication in changesets for review list (those associated with at least one WI, will have * next to changeset ID)

  • Code Review Sidekick: Allow to compare version of file in view with previous not-in-view version

  • Labels Sidekick: Allow saving to CSV list of changesets/work items in label

  • Visual Studio integration: allow separate configuration of “Dynamic History” option for folders/files

Bug fixes

  • BUGFIX: stand-alone not working in environments with VS/TE2005 installed together with VS2008 (no TE)

  • BUGFIX: duplicate files in Code Review Sidekick when same work items are linked to multiple changesets

  • BUGFIX: dynamic history sometimes corrupts History tool-window contents

Let me conclude with brand new Permission Sidekick features list. This Sidekick provides effective permissions view for the selected user (including global server, project, version control items and areas permissions) as well as the view what groups contribute to current effective permissions.

More specifically, Permission Sidekick lets you to

  • Select user whose effective permissions are to be reviewed

  • View Team Foundation Server groups user is a member of (Windows domain groups are not included)

  • View user's global TFS server permissions

  • Select Team project to view project specific effective permissions

  • View user's Team project's permissions

  • Select project's version control folder/file and view effective version control permissions for that item (including indication whether permissions are inherited or explicitly set)

  • Select project's area and view effective permissions for that area

  • For every effective permissions display, view a reason for every effective permission setting – namely, for which groups Allow/Deny permissions are set and therefore what effective permission is based on

Please note that current version of Permission Sidekick does not list Windows groups when displaying user’s membership information (nor does it show the groups in effective permission detail). Generally, this is going to be a problem only if you set permissions based on Windows groups and not TFS groups.

I am going to write up more detailed description of Permission Sidekick in the near future, so stay tuned!

As always, thanks to everybody in the community who contributed to this release, and especially to James Glenn, Michael Bulgrien, Chris McLeod, Ken Sponaugle and Jaap Mosselman.

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2 תגובות

  1. Kevin17 בספטמבר 2008 ב 5:32

    Fantastic utility, thanks for all the effort. However I have a problem with the Label Sidekicks.
    1. The Checkin Date sort doesn't work properly. It shorts by day first so for instance if I sort the Checkin Dates descending I see 31/07/2008 as my first date and 17/09/2008 way down the list.
    2. When I'm comparing labels I can see the different changesets but when I try to view the different Work Items I get the error…

    "Failed to retrieve changeset/work items data.Server was unable to process request. —> Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    Now are these issues with the utility or the way my TFS is set up?