Team Foundation Sidekicks version 1.1 is released

30 ביולי 2006

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A new version of Team Foundation Sidekicks is released today. Version 1.1 introduces new History Sidekick, as well as a brand new user interface concept. From now on, all Sidekicks will be accessible from a single application, not requiring you to download and install multiple apps to gain access to all of the Workspace, Status, and the new History Sidekick features.

Version 1.1 of the Team Foundation Sidekicks can be downloaded here.

The following is a list of the new features in this release, along with a couple of screenshots that show-off new UI:


  • Log on to TFS by either specifying a user-name and password or using the current-user credentials
  • Uniform GUI environment for accessing many hard to find features for TFS administration

TFSidekicks Log-in

History Sidekick

  • Search item (file or folder) by name using wildcards and select found item in version control tree
  • View selected item history either for all users or filtered by user
  • Compare file versions selected in history
  • View selected item's branches tree and selected branch properties
  • View selected item's merge history; it is possible to view separately all merges performed with selected item as a merge target (merges to) or with selected item as a source (merges from)
  • Compare merge target and source file versions in history
  • View selected item merge candidates in a tree view; it is possible to select single merge source from the list
  • Compare merge candidate file version with latest version of target file
  • View selected item labels either for all users or filtered by user; the information displayed includes item version in label
  • Compare file versions between two labels

History Sidekick

Status Sidekick

  • View tree of pending changes filtered by specific user name (user may be selected from list of valid users), TFS project name  and change creation date range
  • View lock icon indication in pending changes tree to easily identify locks
  • Customize detailed list format and export list to CSV file
  • Unlock one or more locked files/folders
  • Undo one or more pending changes on files/folders

Workspace Sidekick

  • Workspaces may be viewed either in sortable detailed list or in list grouped by name, computer or owner
  • View selected workspace details and folder mappings
  • Add new folder mapping to selected workspace
  • Delete selected workspace folder mappings
  • Duplicate selected workspace mappings to one or more new workspaces (allows specifying owner user and computer for multiple new workspaces simultaneously)

Click here for Team Foundation Server Sidekicks product page.

The functionality in this release is based on feature requests we have received through our clients, as well as requests expressed in public TFS forums. Feel free to comment on your experience with the application or let us know what you would like to see in the next release.

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