Orcas June CTP for limited beta is available

יום רביעי, יולי 4, 2007

After releasing June CTP of .NET framework 3.5, June CTP bits of Visual Studio 2008 (Team Suite and Visual Web Developer) are also ready for limited beta as Layout or VPC image. If you want to test it, please let me know via comments or by contacting me directly. Technorati Tags: Orcas,Visual Studio,VSTS,beta,download,CTP,.NET framework 3.5,WPF,WCF,WF,VPC
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Adding Web References to your VS project by code

יום שלישי, מרץ 20, 2007

Today one of my clients asked me to find a way to add web references to existing VS project without using Visual Studio wizard, to do it by code. I built VS add-ins before, so I know what Studio can do, but the question is if I can replace existing system dialogs, without writing a lot of code (I'm really lazy, if I'll write a lot, I'll have no time to write here). So I start to check the material. Really,...
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VS2005 SP1 update for Vista is rather pity

יום חמישי, מרץ 8, 2007

I was rather disappointed by the new patch for Visual Studio 2005 SP1 for Windows Vista. WTF, the most significant problems such as re-rendering, JIT and elevated account requirement were addressed, but not solved. So what the patch is really for?
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