Choosing new notebook

יום שלישי, יולי 22, 2008

Hi, Community Brain. It’s time for me to change my old good Dell Latitude D820. I need performant machine and following the results of my findings. It’s really important for me to know your opinion about those choices. Also, if you have additional choices, I’d be happy to hear about it.   Dell Precision M6300 HP 8710W Lenovo T61p   Processor Intel® Core 2 Duo T9500 (2.6GHz, 6Mb, L2 cache, 800MHz FSB) Intel® Core 2 Duo T9500 (2.6GHz, 6Mb, L2 cache, 800MHz FSB) Intel® Core 2 Duo...
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The Original Tetris on Windows Vista

יום ראשון, יולי 13, 2008

For last days I’m very busy with Bidi support for Silverlight development. Working a lot of hours in order to finish it until TechEd. So, I’m very tired and need relaxation. What can be better, then Tetris? But, there are millions of Tetrises. What to choose? What’s the question? The original one. This genius game was developed by Vadim Gerasimov, Alexey Pajitnov and Dmitry Pavlovsky about 20 years ago and it still working on Windows PC...
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The truth about HTC has been revealed!

יום רביעי, יוני 18, 2008

HTC is underground factory, that manufacturing cat eater cyborgs (Cats? Why Cats? Don’t you know, what PDA is? It’s Pussy Defended Asset. Other words male mouser). Especially, those cyborgs eat cats is disguise of Mobile Phones. Where HTC located? HTC located on the moon. Not in China. The facility is in one of moon craters inside the old spacecraft, abandoned by HAL from a space odyssey. Once a year, this moonbus rides to the Earth with...
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Phone history or why I throw my Tytn II

יום חמישי, יוני 12, 2008

I decided to throw out my HTC TYTN II (Actually AT&T Tilt) and get old Nokia E61 back. Why I’m doing it? Tytn is much better, then old Nokia? It’s 3.75G/HSUPA mobile phone, running latest Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. It also has full QUERTY keyboard, 2.8” LCD monitor, 3MP camera and even very good integrated GPS. Nokia has neither. It’s processor is x4 faster and memory x3 bigger. Why I cannot use it? Why I want my old “keyboard brick” back?...
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Microsoft future healthcare vision – boom, biga boom UX troubles…

יום שבת, יוני 7, 2008

About a week ago, Microsoft healthcare division put a lot of money into their future vision. The results are: cool SF promo, real big UX troubles. Let’s try to understand why Fellow young pre-diabetic girl runs somewhere in wide, while big physiologist brother is watching her on 15” e-paper monitor with big box for something over it. He also typing on rubber keyboard in his table. Good idea, especially if he has coffee, that can split to it. ...
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Action required: Smart client users group

יום חמישי, מאי 22, 2008

Recently I browsed INETA to seek for some group and was really surprising. There is no Smart Client user group registered there. Maybe there is a reason? Let’s understand what Smart Client is? According wikipedia, the term "Smart Client" is meant to refer to simultaneously capturing the benefits of a "thin client" (zero-install, auto-update) and a "fat client" (high performance, high productivity). However, I think, that this term is much wider. It is not only thin-fat client application, it’s...

New Microsoft R&D center in Israel

יום רביעי, מאי 21, 2008

Just come back from new Microsoft R&D center house warming. Got some photos and  (how not?) some comments. Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft), Shimon Peres (the President of Israel), Moshe Lichtman (local R&D center corporate VP) and Danny Yamin (local Microsoft subsidiary GM) were here. The event begun from short introduction of Moshe and Steve about the importance of local R&D and it’s size relative to country (we’re second place in the world with 0.015% of Microsofties per total country...
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Gas Price Windows Vista SideBar gadget – new version is available for download

יום שישי, מאי 16, 2008

This post is dedicated to some people in Microsoft and it’s subsidiaries. It begun about year ago, when I developed Gas Price information gadget (do not download it there). Before I started, I sent some personal email to those in MSN, who maintains it’s Auto section. I wait two days and got no response, so wrote this post about HTML scrapping and then I finished the gadget, that uses this technology. © Christopher Robbins ...

It’s broken

יום רביעי, אפריל 30, 2008

Hi, everybody. First of all, I want to apologize for the inconvenience, caused by me to all bloggers in The reason is, that one of my posts got slashdoted. This night our server, hosted in orcweb received month amount of visitors within couple of hours. This cause some problems, that even load balancing farm was unable to leverage. Currently you can experience problems with rss feeds, the site access and other side effects. To be sure, the right RSS url...
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