New year – new blog or how to migrate Community Server to any other engine, supports XML-RPC

יום חמישי, ינואר 1, 2009

Please update your bookmarks, because the new url of this blog is (you have not update RSS feeds, it will be done automatically). Why I did it? Why I decided to go to “stand-alone”… Well. there are some reasons. Generally, I do not want to explain all those here, but trust me, there are some. The main reason is, that there is no responsible person in charge for this blog platform in Microsoft Israel. This why, if your blog is popular and you have a respect to your blog visitors, you cannot host it here… Take a look...

What boots faster – Netbook, powered Windows XP or Nokia E71 mobile phone?

יום חמישי, דצמבר 18, 2008

Some days ago, somebody from Microsoft was shocked, when I told him, that I’m planning to run Windows XP (and later Windows 7) as operation system for mission critical automotive device. He even checked with Windows XP embedded team boot times for XP. They told him, that the minimum can be achieved is about 40 seconds cold boot and 30 seconds from hibernate state. I was upset and decided to tweak my system for smallest possible boot time. Here the result...

Asus R50A UMPC review

יום חמישי, נובמבר 13, 2008

So, I got new branded Asus R50A UMPC for test. This ultra mobile machine with 5.6" WSVGA (1024x768) screen, based on Intel US15W chipset, comes with Intel Atom Z520 (1.33 Ghz, 533Mhz) processor, 1Gb of RAM and 20GB SSD. Also it has 3.5G mobile unit, integrated 802.11b/g network card and GPS. First impression was very cool. Slick design, big screen build in fingerprint reader.   What in the box? Power adapter (110/220V), compact keyboard, bunch of cables, extra...

Consultants for charity

יום רביעי, נובמבר 12, 2008

As you, probably, know, I left consulting field. However, it does not mean, that I quit helping developers community with client application development. Also, every day I'm getting between 50 and 300 emails with questions (I'm trying to answer all of those) and sometimes proposals for consulting. Currently I'm refusing all those, because I do not want to engage to it. However, there are too much people, who really need professional developers help and there are very few good development consultants...
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Reliable internet of 012 golden lines

יום שישי, ספטמבר 19, 2008

I understand, when I have internet access problems in hotels, airports and other public places. I even understand, when public WiFi along eThekwini shores in KwaZulu works slow. However, I cannot understand, why 012 golden lines (together with Internet Zahav) cannot solve simple loss packets problem when large web resources from my home? Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops:   1    ...
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Hug a developer

יום שישי, אוגוסט 29, 2008

Absolutely incredible video about everyday pain of us, developers... from Jackie via The Blomsma Code
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Good challenge for good developers

יום ראשון, אוגוסט 24, 2008

Just saw simple challenge to hire good developer in Roy's blog and got inspired of it. Now I want good developers too, so here my challenge: Send your CV to the following email address and you are in: x124; x225; x179; x114; x209; x12; x127; x237; x166; x194; x28; x32; x52; x30; x32; x238; x94; x127 The clue is my name. Good luck! ...and 'no' it is not any of known encryption algorithms...
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I'm leaving consulting field – joined new project for full time

יום שלישי, אוגוסט 19, 2008

Dear readers, I leaved mPrest, the company, I worked for last 5 years and joined the project, that aspires to make the World better. Currently, I cannot disclosure too much, but briefly, I will not consult and manage client's projects anymore. This does not mean, that I'm quitting Microsoft and it's technologies, I'm just beginning to develop product(s). Also, I'll keep blogging. It will be probably less "problem solutions" and more "how the stuff works", but actually, I'll blog less. In...
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Politically correct

יום שני, אוגוסט 11, 2008

The best caricature, I saw regarding Georgia – Russia conflict. Why mankind cannot live without wars? Social Darwinism?
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Tech*Ed SA is over – thank you

יום רביעי, אוגוסט 6, 2008

So, Tech*Ed South Africa is over, and I want to tell thanks to all attendees - presenters and visitors. The event was great as well as the organization.  As usual, my Visual Studio just stopped working between sessions yesterday, so I had to reinstall it during one of sessions to be ready for next one. Also in XNA session XBOX deployment did not worked for some reason and bandwidth was awful, so this fun session was not very effective....
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