New year – new blog or how to migrate Community Server to any other engine, supports XML-RPC

יום חמישי, ינואר 1, 2009

Please update your bookmarks, because the new url of this blog is (you have not update RSS feeds, it will be done automatically). Why I did it? Why I decided to go to “stand-alone”… Well. there are some reasons. Generally, I do not want to explain all those here, but trust me, there are some. The main reason is, that there is no responsible person in charge for this blog platform in Microsoft Israel. This why, if your blog is popular and you have a respect to your blog visitors, you cannot host it here… Take a look...

DEV411 – presentation and demos download

יום רביעי, נובמבר 28, 2007

I uploaded my presentation, done in DevAcademy2 to SkyDrive. Now you can download, use and review it. PPT only presentation (7.2 MB) PPT only presentation before final cleanup (7.6 MB) Full presentation, including demos, code and PPTX file (26.1 MB) Have a nice day.

Add Windows Live SkyDrive attachment to your post, by using Windows Live Writer

יום חמישי, אוגוסט 23, 2007

As you, probably, know, about two months ago, Windows Live team released new sharing platform, named SkyDrive (known as Windows Live Folders). This is really useful service, that allows you to share up to 500MB of your files in internet, by using nice and simple user interface. Why not to use it for attachments (especially, when current version of CS here has known bug to use attachment API :) ). I think, that all of you using Windows Live Writer to...