How to handle thickness

יום שלישי, יולי 8, 2008

Yesterday, we spoke about type converters. We even, built simple generic enum converter. Today, we’ll create more complicated converter, that very missing in Silverlight – ThicknessConverter. During the post, I also explain about tokenizing values in Silverlight What is Thickness ? What is thickness in Silverlight? It’s <Border BorderThickness=”6”/> or <Border BorderThickness=”6,4,3,2”/> or <Border BorderThickness=”6, 4, 3,2”/> or, even <Border BorderThickness=”6; 4; 3...
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Work process: How to use and build type converters

יום שני, יולי 7, 2008

Today, I want to start new tag - “Work process”. Here I’m going to publish partial classes, fixes, small utilities, I’m building for myself or clients to help in work process. I’ll give an example: currently, I’m working on BiDi support for Silverlight 2.0 (beta 2 to RTM). During the work process, I need to write different classes, such as converters, string utilities, exception helpers etc.   © Imaginary copyright by  Noel Hendrickson So, today I’ll public general...

Silverlight Visual Tree Investigation

Wait a moment. Silverlight has Visual and Logical Trees as well as WPF? Not exactly. The design more similar to how it was in WinForms (Parent-Child relationship). But dev team made all possible to make it syntactically similar to WPF. Let’s start Challenge: Find and hold references to all element, contains text. Solution: Recursive VisualTreeHelper (introduced in SL2.0 b2) First of all we should know, that Silverlight is not ready for manufacture, thus direct references might produce memory...
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Quick Silverlight Tip: How to access HTML DOM from Silverlight and Silverlight managed objects from HTML?

יום שלישי, יולי 1, 2008

After my session yesterday, I got number of email from people, who have a problem to access HTML DOM from Silverlight and vice verse. I want to answer to all of you by this post. Access HTML from Silverlight You have not do anything special in Silverlight to access it.  Your friend is HtmlPage.Window object. For example, if I want to execute JavaScript method from Silverlight, all I have to do is to call: ...
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Printouts of the slides, presented on Silverlight 2.0 open house today

יום שני, יוני 30, 2008

Thank you all, who participated today in Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications event. I uploaded printouts of the slides, presented during the session here. So, you can download it for reference. I’m really interesting within your feedback (leave comments) in order for me to be able to enhance it for future events. Also, I want to remind you, that due to lack of space we were unable to handle all those who want to attend, thus we...
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Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications (Local Event) – Take 2

יום ראשון, יוני 29, 2008

As promised earlier, the next session of Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications will take place at 23 July, 8:30 AM-12:30 PM in ILDC. This is exactly the same session for those, who unable to attend tomorrow due to lack of place. Please, this time, try to register as soon as possible to assure seat assignment. Register to attend Silverlight 2.0 for building RIA >>
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Please do not ask me. We cannot handle more…

יום חמישי, יוני 26, 2008

Monday next week, I’m making half day session about building rich internet applications with Silverlight 2.0 in ILDC. The registration is over a while ago, but during this week, I got very large amount of email, IMs and phones calls with appeal to attend. Sorry, we’re fully booked (currently about twice of available seats and it's about 200) and cannot handle any more. Only those who registered and got confirmations will allow to enter. It is for your own...
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How to consume WCF or Webservice from Vista Sidebar gadget by using Silverlight?

יום שני, יוני 23, 2008

The challenge today is really simple. All we have to do is to write Silverlight Vista Sidebar Gadget, that consumes either WCF, ASMX or REST based service. Really simple, isn’t it? Let’s start Build server side services We should start from services. This is very straight forward mission. Here the logic I want to implement public string Echo(string input)     {         return string.Format("ACK...

Quick Silverlight tip: How to set format and validate value in TextBox?

יום חמישי, יוני 19, 2008

Today morning I got an email from one of Microsofties, asking following question: Is there any way to set format and validation on TextBox in Silverlight 2. TextBox format: Date Format, Currency Format etc, TextBox validation: Regular date expression, should allow only numeric etc. If it’s possible out-of-box how do I do it? The answer is, that there is no data validation or formatting in Silverlight, however it’s very simple to build converter to...
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UserControl binding to own property bug in Sliverlight 2.0 beta 2

יום שני, יוני 16, 2008

Today morning, I come to my office. Alex, sitting there, was very tired. His eyes were red. I asked him: “What’s going on?” and he responsed: “I think, I’m sick. Something is broken in Silverlight”. “What’s the problem?” – I asked. And he explained me, that he want to create UserControl with some properties. Let’s say something like this: <UserControl x:Class="SilverlightControl1"     xmlns=""     xmlns:x="" ...
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