How to merge help files to appear inside Visual Studio?

יום רביעי, ינואר 9, 2008

How many times after an installation of some SDK, you saw, that nothing has been merged into Visual Studio help. You press F1 and nothing happens? What to do? Actually, the answer is really stupid. You should go into Visual Studio Documentation (Programs->Visual Studio ->Visual Studio documentation), go to Index and set filter by property to (unfiltered) and then look for collection manager->help There you will find all help files installed in your system and now,...
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Quick WPF tip: Alternative text for images

יום שני, יולי 30, 2007

In HTML we have Alt tag, that provides alternative text for images (in case, that image is not exists), but what to do in XAML? Simple, use the power of DataTemplates and DataTriggers. In following example, I have data item with following properties Logo, which is Bitmap, Name and Description, that strings. I want to display Name text, in case, I have or want to disable no logo bitmap. Following code. <DataTemplate x:Key="tmpProvider"> ...
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WPF + UISpy = Accessibility testing

יום שלישי, מאי 29, 2007

Well, some of Doron's scripts make commenting to this post(hebrew) disabled, however today I want to write about WPF accessibility issues. Someone who writes code really know what is it? I'm pretty sure, that do not. Let's make small test case. Execute regular WinForms application and Accessibility Speech engine (you can find it under Start->Accessories->Ease of Access->Narrator). Try to open calculator and go to application menu. You'll hear something like: "Menu Item Edit. Three menu items. Copy Menu Item, shorkey Control C"....
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