What boots faster – Netbook, powered Windows XP or Nokia E71 mobile phone?

18 בדצמבר 2008

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Some days ago, somebody from Microsoft was shocked, when I told him, that I’m planning to run Windows XP (and later Windows 7) as operation system for mission critical automotive device. He even checked with Windows XP embedded team boot times for XP. They told him, that the minimum can be achieved is about 40 seconds cold boot and 30 seconds from hibernate state. I was upset and decided to tweak my system for smallest possible boot time. Here the result video. This is not the limit. I believe, that I’ll be able to decrease Windows XP boot time to less, then 10 seconds with a bit more efforts.

Note: This is absolutely authentic and non-touched video, recorded today by me, comparing boot time of Windows XP on unbranded weak netbook (Atom 1.6, 128MB and 8G SSD) and my Nokia E71 mobile phone. 15 seconds boot time of Windows XP achieved by tweaking only well known registry values and OS configuration values without special profundity of system settings.

Now the question: with todays’ devices, why we are not running XP for mobile and automotive mission critical devices?

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6 תגובות

  1. Tom18 בדצמבר 2008 ב 18:30

    Your question scares me.

    Also, you should get a better cell phone. My Nokia 6126 goes from powered off to ready to use in under 5 seconds.

  2. Tamir Khason18 בדצמבר 2008 ב 20:43

    It should be "smart device" 🙂

  3. Baruch Frei19 בדצמבר 2008 ב 14:28

    I hope that after you will reach your goal, you will share with us those settings….Thanks.

  4. arielr21 בדצמבר 2008 ב 11:30

    Well than, why don't you spread the joy?
    Which settings do you use?

  5. Tamir Khason21 בדצמבר 2008 ב 14:28

    Baruch, Ariel I'll spear it, once I'll make it less, then 10 seconds overall.

  6. haider_up3222 בדצמבר 2008 ב 14:36

    -forget mission critical winxp isnt even suited 4 business devicess…u will need an AV and then a firewall and then u will have rootkits scanners and then u will realise drive by downloads and then u will need url scanners…after installing all this u will realise the boot time increased to 2 minutes.

    – what r the settings u use 4 ur in-house XP's???