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14 ביולי 2008

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If you want to attend my preparations before TechEd, you’re invited to attend 27-Jul in Microsoft Ra’anana.

What is preparation session? This is the training for myself. I’ll present all four session (each one is an hour + one hour rep.) This is your chance to hear live my TechEd South Africa sessions, without paying the fee (ZAR 4,500 which is about $600)

Please note, that all lectures are in English (not in Hebrew)

Here the agenda for 27-Jul (Sunday). It will take place in Microsoft Israel building in 2, Ha'Pnina st. Ranana, Israel


Time Session title Conference room
8:30-10:30 Creating Rich Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation (300) Media Center
11:00-13:00 WPF Performance (400) Visual Studio
14:30-16:30 Game Development Using Microsoft’s Latest Technologies (300) Vista
17:00-19:00 Understanding Reflection (400) Vista



Also, be sure, you’re attending my session in Expert Days 11-14 August

And/or if you were not able to attend Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications event, you are welcome to book the next session at 23-Jul

That’s all for now, see ya…

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  1. Ariel Ben Horesh14 ביולי 2008 ב 19:14

    Busy man 🙂
    Good luck in all.