Printouts of the slides, presented on Silverlight 2.0 open house today

30 ביוני 2008

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Thank you all, who participated today in Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications event. I uploaded printouts of the slides, presented during the session here. So, you can download it for reference.

I’m really interesting within your feedback (leave comments) in order for me to be able to enhance it for future events.

Also, I want to remind you, that due to lack of space we were unable to handle all those who want to attend, thus we decided to make another session within two weeks, so can register here. Remember, only registered attendees, who with confirmation received will allow to enter. So, hurry up.

If you want to learn more about Silverlight, you can register to attend Expert Days “Mastering Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 – 020 full day course, 13-August, were we’ll have Silverlight 2.0 deep dive training day. You can also review another two courses, I’ll have there:

Download slides from today session >>

Register to attend next event at 23 July >>


Thank you and leave a comment…

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