It’s broken

30 באפריל 2008

Hi, everybody. First of all, I want to apologize for the inconvenience, caused by me to all bloggers in The reason is, that one of my posts got slashdoted. This night our server, hosted in orcweb received month amount of visitors within couple of hours. This cause some problems, that even load balancing farm was unable to leverage. Currently you can experience problems with rss feeds, the site access and other side effects. To be sure, the right RSS url...
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Computer languages and facial hair – take two

28 באפריל 2008

About four years ago, I wrote an article about relationship between facial hair and computer languages success (this is cached page, the original article has been lost). Today, I want to recall this article and see what happened with my theory. Let’s start from Fortran, Ada and Simula. Fortran inventor, John Backus, died in Oregon last year. Ada inventor, Jean Ichbiah died three months earlier from brain cancer in Paris. Kristen Nygaard, the father of Simula, died of a heart...
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How to make Silverlight be AiR?

27 באפריל 2008

Today we’ll speak about three issues How to make Silverlight application to run as stand alone application and how to insert this application inside your application? How to escape Silverlight from it’s sand box (how to make it run in full trust mode) When first two items done, how to make Silverlight to access anyfile in your file system? Looks scary? Let’s see first reasons for those “hackery” targets....

Binary kid

Yesterday, I took two of my children to the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. This was the second time, my small son, Tony, was there. First time he was 5 years old. Today he’s 7. Following the dialog was there, when we saw machine code emulator (binary calculator) Tony: Daddy, now I know why you and mommy call me “binary kid” Me: Why? Tony (with enthusiasm): ‘cos I was born on January 1st – there...
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Webcam control with WPF or how to create high framerate player with DirectShow by using InteropBitmap in WPF application

23 באפריל 2008

Did you ever see, that MediaElement “eats” about 30% of CPU while playing movie in WPF? Did you thought, that you  can display live camera capture in WPF with 60 fps full screen (I have really high resolution 1920x1200) and 2% of  CPU? You did not? Let’s see how it can be done. Today we’ll create simple WebCam player control that can show you live video capturing with high frame rate. In order to do it, we’ll use DirectShow, WPF and...
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Quick WPF Tip: How to bind to WPF application resources and settings?

22 באפריל 2008

You, probable know, that you can save application resources and settings within handy classes Settings and Properties, provided by Visual Studio code generator. Just put your values, set the usage scope and all you have to do is to save it upon request. This feature is really useful and great time saver. But how to use it from WPF? Visual Studio do not know to create Dependency Objects for setting and resource… Following the sample of...
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WordML to FlowDocument – how to convert docx files to WPF FlowDocument

Recently we spoke about converting XPS files and FixedDocuments to FlowDocuments. It works, but there are lot of problems, due to fact, that FixedDocument (or XPS/PDF document) has less information, then the original file. Those files are, actually, printout of the original document. Also we know how to use Windows Vista Preview Handler to view original MS Office files inside WPF application. So why not to work with the originals? Why not to convert Microsoft Office document into FlowDocument and then...
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Just in case – shutdown.exe with rich user experience (it has it, for real!)

If you love command line applications, skip this post. Did you know, that simple base program, named “shutdown.exe” has it’s own UI? This application allows you to restart you (or neightbor’s) computer by using different command line switches. One of those switches is –i. So, if you do not like command line script style application, use shutdown –i to see this wonderful rich user interface :) BTW, mPrest is looking for good system administrator. If you're such person, apply your CV here...
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Using Vista Preview Handlers in WPF application

18 באפריל 2008

First of all what is Preview Handler? Preview Handler is COM object, that called when you want to display the preview of your item. Other words, Preview Handlers are lightweight, rich and read-only previews of file’s content in a reading pane. You can find preview handlers in Microsoft Outlook 2007, Windows Vista and, even sometimes in XP. Can we use preview handlers within your WPF application? Probably we can. Let’s see how we can do it.   Let’s...
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Converting FixedDocument (XPSDocument too) to FlowDocument

17 באפריל 2008

First of all, what’s the differences between FixedDocument and FlowDocument and why we can convert FlowDocument into FixedDocument easily but not vice verse? Let’s try to understand What is FixedDocument? FixedDocument is a host for portable, high fidelity, fixed-format document with read access for user text selection, keyboard navigation, and search (MSDN). Other words – it’s PDF :) Now seriously, when you write something really complicated and do not want it to mess, when you’ll send it to someone –...
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