WPF (.NET 3.5) – what's next? The future roadmap of Windows Presentation Foundation

20 בפברואר 2008

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Today, Scott Guthrie, Microsoft's VP of .NET Developer Platform, blogged about the future plans of WPF.

Upcoming changes will mostly concentrated around LOB applications development, startup times and workset, text, bitmap effects and media performance improvements. As well there are plans about new WPF controls, such as Grid, Ribbon and Date Picker.

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3 תגובות

  1. Maxim20 בפברואר 2008 ב 22:35

    Just started to develop my own Date Picker in WPF for winforms and for silverlight, but the Data Grid (with data binding) is too complicated to develop for small company, a lot of people desire for Grid and other missed controls in WPF.

  2. ekampf4 במרץ 2008 ב 0:06

    Don;t see anything there about LOB development. Improved performance and some control enhancement are far from making WPF "Enterprise Ready"…

  3. Tamir Khason4 במרץ 2008 ב 9:31

    Eran, it really is. The main focus of dev team those days to provide maximum for LOB applications. Reusable containers, better virtualization, etc. All this makes WPF to work much better in enterprise.