Real Estate super picks

28 בפברואר 2008

Don't you ever want to buy a house? Now it's possible. For only $100, you have brilliant opportunity to turn your drams true. 3 beds, 690 ft² or 1,451 ft². What can be better? Less, then 33 hours trip to your office. If you want it closer, you'll pay at least $170,000 for 1 bed. Sure, you can also find your next job closer. So, it looks like there are some, looking for other place to live.   Illustration by...
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Weird: Russians think different…

25 בפברואר 2008

Just in case. Following the poll, appears in main page of russian version of Silverlight Challenge (MS official???) Let me translate you options: Have you Silverlight installed? Yes No Still not (planning) I do not like Flash WTF? Is it legit option to ask? There is no such poll on english version of the same web site. The only poll there is and there are no other, even archived polls. So, I want to ask you the simple question: WTF? For some reason "i*n*j*u*n #576871" was filtered. Use your...
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Headhunting 3.0

22 בפברואר 2008

Sarah E. Needleman wrote very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about headhunting and job seeking in new internet era. What can you tell about me, after reading this and my blog? Image copyright - Hannah Gal (Photodisc)
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7 XNA community games for XBOX are free now!

21 בפברואר 2008

Xbox Live Community Games is new program, announced by XNA Creators Club. It gives you a chance to download for free seven games for XBox absolutely free.  So, what are you waiting for? Download it now from website. What's included? The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai JelloCar Little Gamers Proximity HD Rocketball TriLinea Culture You can either...
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WPF (.NET 3.5) – what's next? The future roadmap of Windows Presentation Foundation

20 בפברואר 2008

Today, Scott Guthrie, Microsoft's VP of .NET Developer Platform, blogged about the future plans of WPF. Upcoming changes will mostly concentrated around LOB applications development, startup times and workset, text, bitmap effects and media performance improvements. As well there are plans about new WPF controls, such as Grid, Ribbon and Date Picker. Read the whole article >>
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Sound, tone and DTMF generation by using managed DirectSound and C# and sine tone detection with pure managed Goertzel algorithm implementation

17 בפברואר 2008

Well, today, we'll speak about math. A lot of math. We have a number of challenges today. Generate sine, square or dual sine tone (DTMF - sounds, that your phone keyboard produces) Playing it in managed code Detection of base frequencies by using Goertzel (Fast Fourier) algorithm Let's start with generation of tone. All we need is DirectSound. First of all, we should create format of wave sound ...
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Zionism is not language, Zionism is action

Referring my reply post of the Zionism and the language you are writing in your blog, I want to post a little bit about Zionism, as I see it. (All images are CC by me. See my Flickr for more information) Zionism is traveling your land without 4X4 vehicle ... is looking for small habitants without killing them is seeing the nature not through the car window understanding, that...
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Не надо делать из себя великих и несчастных

16 בפברואר 2008

Declaimer: For my following, this post has no relation to programming. It written as response for someone from this blog platform, who thinks, that all bread should be backed in one oven. So, baking it differently... За последние двое суток в очередной раз встал вопрос века: "На каком языке писать в своём блоге". Ответ очевиден - на том, на котором тебе удобнее всего писать. Нравится на китайском - пиши на китайском, иврит - так иврит. Нет никакой связи с платформой, на...
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Internet safety day and Red Fish Soup

15 בפברואר 2008

A couple of days age, there was the Internet Safety Day in Israel (for some reason nothing about it in official government website, so last year news). I begun to think, what websites can be useful for my kids? Hop tv-channel web site is pretty nice, but it teaches nothing our kids. Tipo is absolutely unuseful. There are more? Not exactly... After some research, I found great french web site, named Poisson Rouge (Red Fish Soup). This how should...
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