Some Gold Partners ARE respecting copyrighted materials

22 בינואר 2008

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6 hours after my last post about the imaginary used by Microsoft Gold Partner, I got a phone call from one of it's representatives, who proves me, that the image, used in the promo is bought from Image Bank. They did a couple of changes, however, that is not me! I was wrong!  Following the original image, purchased by the partner (low resolution – this is copyrighted imaginary)


I want to apologize for my doubts in honesty of Hi-Tech college and invite all of you to attend their eight hour session of Silverlight introduction. They promised warm soup, chocolate, cider, sachlav (salep/orchid drink) and crembo (not hot) for all attendees. 


I'm really happy, that I was wrong about Hi Tech college. I'm much happier, that they are counting our opinion and it's really important for them to be right!

Following my image, which I thought was used – side view (low resolution – photo by Yossi)


Thank you, Michal, Sharon and Shimrit for your work! Keep doing!

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